We know what it feels like to be asked “What’s for dinner?”
and not have an answer that you are proud of and that your whole family will enjoy.

The Chef’s Daughter

If you’re like me, you’ve been spread too thin. You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to get healthy meals delivered to your doorstep that helped you create family bonding time at the table.

At The Chef’s Daughter, we get it.


Between school, schedules, and more, there just isn’t much room in your evening for meal planning.


My name is Suzy Wagner, and I’m a chef’s daughter. It all started In 1929, when my great-grandparents John and Frieda Boder bought an old homestead in the country outside of Milwaukee and turned it into a rural tea room. Over the next four generations, my family’s restaurant, Boder’s on-the-River, became a landmark of Great Lakes gastronomy.

About Us_Boders@2x

The front entrance to Boder’s on the River. 1994

Group 135@2x

Classic photo of my dad, Chef John Walch. Originally from the Ford Times Magazine.

Group 134@2x

My Grandparents – Jack and Dolly.

Group 133@2x

My Great-Grandparents – John and Frieda

Group 132

My Mom and Dad – John and Nancy. Co-owners for Boder’s on the River.

My dad, John Walch, used his culinary expertise to make Boder’s a restaurant to be remembered.


My mom, Nancy (Boder) Walch, provided the strength and integrity that were the foundation on which the Boder’s legacy was built.


For the past 6 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome the lack of time from busy schedules and experience delicious family meals at home.


We are committed to helping you spend quality time with your family. The process is simple—review your schedule, check out our Weekly Menus, order healthy, quality meals and have them delivered to your front door.


I believe making delicious, healthy meals at home shouldn’t be so complicated and you deserve to feel proud and excited about the meals you put on the table every night.


Check out our Weekly Menus and get started today